On the day I least expected it

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He does everything with me.

The make of my best earrings he knows.

To my hair salon we go together; suggesting the style I should wear,

What a social partner!

He is my dream.


Everything about me he knows.

In our street, we are known as twin that people even say

We smile, we talk and walk alike.

I always say in the corner of my heart, ‘That is him’.


There is a certain seat at a certain corner we are known to occupy in our place of worship.

When I’m not there, don’t bother look for my friend.


The things of morals are his concerns.

Down in my heart, I thank my creator for about to give me a good man.


My free hours he knows.

My weaknesses he covers and handles with care.

My strength he blows up;

What an understanding man!

Everything I need that he has, he gives.

A prayer I make on my knee every night;

‘Thank you my creator for about to give me a man that believes in me’. (smile)


Let this guy just come to me and say ‘I…’

And I will help him complete it by saying, ‘love you’.

I’m drowned in love; not to death but to love-electrified.

When will this guy come to present to me the long awaited proposal?

No to pretense!

Pretense at this juncture is death.

He’s the one I want; I tell myself the truth.

No one has ever done it like him.

For heaven sake, when are you coming? (frowning)


Should I go and propose?

I think…………..

But I’m not in ‘Obodo Oyibo’,

Hmm…people will even think I’m crazy,

Eh eh…

Am I not really crazy, loving a guy passionately like this?

Is something not wrong with me?

No, I don’t think so.

I believe girls should express their feelings of love too­­-­­–yes!


Each time we are left alone and he opens his lips,

In my heart I think he wants to say it,

But no, no, no…no (frowning)

Another thing he would say, though like it. (hiss)


On one Sunday evening, on the day I least expected it,

After saying the grace, on our way home,

Under the shade of an orange tree; full of green leaves and ripe fruits.

Closely beside me he sat; difficult to separate like mixtures of blood and water.

On my right shoulder I felt his right gentle arm.

And gradually I diffused like cold water in a white glass cup.

With a smile on his face, his left hand beckoned my head to be closer still.

Then I felt it!

I sensed it!

Now is the appointed time. (smile)



Soft and tender  it was, as I felt those letters dropping from his lips, saying

‘Will you marry me, to come and fill a void in my life that nobody else can fill?

Nothing to say, but a profound smile of consent as I was totally lost in his arm.

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