Life isn’t a tea party

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Life isn’t a tea party.
Even when you claim ignorant of principles, they still affect you.
‘Buying and selling’ called economy,
‘Wining and dining with the supernatural’ called spirituality,
‘Game of power’ called politics;
they all affect you even if you don’t admit it.

Life isn’t a tea party.
It can get cold; freezing cold!
And it can get hot.
Evidence of wisdom is knowing how to sail against all odds to get to right destinations.

Life doesn’t baby-sit;
It drags; it surely does.
It drags you through classrooms of life nick-named challenges.
Dodging those classes is same as leaving your raw gold permanently un-mined, unrefined.
Sometimes you are pushed to the edge of cantilever;
If you drop, you lose.
If you drop and drop dead, you are a loser.
If you can withstand, you can win.
Life is not a tea party!

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