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One of the best ways to know somebody truly respects is when he/she has respect for people’s differences. You don’t claim to respect, you act it!

Honestly, every other person may not necessarily understand what you understand, may not share your beliefs, may not be from same tribe/race as yours, may not even ever share your religion/faith; but they are they, you are you!

That they are different from you (which isn’t their own making most times),
doesn’t make them wrong and make you right, and vice-versa.

If you respect me, you won’t lunch subtle or direct attacks
to hurt me and my sensibilities!

Trying to make people you all the time shows you are ignorant of the many benefits in diversities. If God wanted uniformity, He would have made it so!

You can work on me,
You can work with me,
You can work for me.
We can live and let others live without hurt, without hurting sensibilities.

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