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Sweetest Titi, darling wife,
On 10th October, 2018, I started writing this song specifically for you and it is released today, 18th April, same date you were also released into this world. This hit song, #Titi is 100% dedicated to you, though it doesn’t represent up to 1% of your worth. This further explains the reason I named you #Gem during our early days of being a couple. #Titi is a fusion of three #Nigerian languages (#Yoruba, #Hausa, #Okun) that you speak.
Happy #40th birthday to you, my love. The next phase of your years will be for you a season of bountiful harvests🍇 . You will gain more speed to further fulfill your God given dreams.
Our sweet daughters, Damilola and Darasimi, and I love you!🌹


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